Clearfield American Legion Baseball Post #6

The American Legion has been sponsoring a youth baseball program since 1925. It still remains today the largest teenage baseball program in America. Millions of young men have passed through the program over the years. Well over one half of the current major leaguers have played Legion ball, and over 80% of college players have participated in the program. There are over 250 teams in Pennsylvania alone.

The American Legion and its over 2.8 million members have raised millions of dollars over the past 94 years for the purpose of helping young people learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship.

The sponsorship of baseball by Post #6 goes as far back as 1940. The team has always been a source of pride for Post 6 members and for the community as a whole. Since taking over the team in 1998, we have tried to continue the proud tradition of the program. During the past 22 seasons, our teams have compiled a won-lost record of 350-228-2. We currently compete in the Jefferson County American Legion League, which is part of Region 7. Our team is a hometown team, with all players coming out of the Clearfield Area School District. We compete against many Legion teams that combine players from two or more school districts. Legion baseball often serves as a stepping stone for players who aspire to play at the next level. For example, there are currently 8 former Clearfield Legion players competing at the college level.

The support of John Lewis Shade Post #6 has been tremendous and very much appreciated. We will continue to work hard to provide our young men with a program that coincides with the intended purposes of American Legion Baseball: “ To give players the opportunity to develop their skills, personal fitness, leadership qualities, and to have fun”.

Before every game, players on both teams are required to line up on the foul lines while the Umpire In Chief leads them in reciting the Code of Good Sportsmanship: “ I will keep the rules; Keep faith with my teammates; Keep my temper; Keep myself fit; Keep a stout heart in defeat; Keep my pride under in victory; Keep a sound soul; A clean mind; And a healthy body”.

At the end of the game all players line up and shake hands with the opponent, win or lose. As you can see, the young men involved in the Legion Program are learning much more than baseball.

Thanks for your support!

Post #6 Coaches: Sid Lansberry, Ed Yeager, Aaron Williams, Andy Sorbera