2017 Fall Ball Season Closes Out With Annual “World Serious”

Over 30 Clearfield School District students participated in the 2017 Fall Ball program, sponsored by the local VFW Post 1785. Two teams of players (grades 7-8 and grades 9-12) practiced twice a week beginning August 28th. Each team played a short schedule of games against outside competition, mostly on weekends. The annual 5 game “World Serious” wrapped up the season on October 17th. With our two seniors, Reese Wilson and Seth Bumbarger, doing the coaching, we combined all the players and created two teams. Although the talent was equally distributed, “Bummy’s Team” took the series in just three games.

Game #1

Bummy: 10
Reese: 4

Nate Barr, Kyle Elensky, and Caullin Reed led the offense, scoring two runs each. Extra base hits were recorded by Hayden Williams, Timmy Chelgren and Cade Walker (triple). Alec Graham was the winning pitcher.

Game #2

Bummy: 6
Reese: 3

Isaac Durandetta, Harrison Peacock, Hayden Williams, and Nate Barr had two hits each. Barr (triple) and Hunter Hipps (double) had the extra base hits. Hunter Dixon was the winning pitcher.

Game #3

Bummy: 5
Reese: 1

Harrison Peacock and Cade Walker had two hits. Alec Graham was the winning pitcher.

The 7th and 8th grade team played 7 regular games, winning 3 and losing 4, two losses by just one run. Here are the team members and the coaches:

  • Kyle Elensky
  • Nate Barr
  • Morgen Billotte
  • Ryan Gearhart
  • Ty Troxell
  • Andon Greslick
  • Eric Fletcher
  • Isaac Durandetta
  • Patrick Knepp
  • David Graham
  • Scott Clark
  • Skylar Graham

Coaches: Kevin Billotte, Brian Barr, Joel Troxell, Chester Fletcher, Rich Greslick, Sid Lansberry

The 9th -12th Grade Team played 8 regular games, with a record of 6 wins and 2 losses. Here are the team members and coaches:

  • Reese Wilson
  • Seth Bumbarger
  • Hunter Hipps
  • Nate Barr
  • Harrison Peacock
  • Hayden Wlliams
  • Cade Walker
  • Caullin Reed
  • Karson Rumsky
  • Hunter Dixon
  • Matt Bailor
  • Michael Shobert
  • Connor Hartline

Coaches: Joe Rumsky, Aaron Williams, Sid Lansberry

In addition to team members, the following also participated in the World Serious:

  • Wyatt Porter
  • Timmy Chelgren
  • Jakob Sorbera
  • Ryan Chew
  • Alec Graham
  • Zane Morgan
  • Thayne Morgan

Fall Ball coaches would like to thank the following:

  • The Lawrence Twp Recreation Board
  • VFW Post #1785
  • Clearfield Pee Wee Football
  • Hank Wilson
  • Jason Walker
  • Ed Yeager
  • Myra Kavelak
  • Jeff Kavelak
  • All parents who helped in the concession stand