Former Bison Players Participate in 12th Annual Alumni Game

Over 40 former Bison baseball players took part in the 12th annual alumni weekend Sept 9th and 10th at the Lawrence Township Recreation Park. A Friday night batting practice session kicked off the weekend followed by a social hour filled with lots of stories and tall tales about the heroics of years gone by.

Registration began at 10:30 AM Saturday and those in attendance gathered at home plate for group photos. Two teams were given special recognition. The ’86 squad was honored for its deep run into the PIAA playoffs that year which ended with a close loss to eventual champion Hopewell in the semi-finals. The 25th anniversary of the ’91 team was celebrated because it is the only team in Bison history to have won both the District and CPL titles in the same year. Members of the “.400 Club” (those in attendance who hit over .400 for at least one season) were honored. They were Dave Learish (’88), Brian Barr (’91), Chris Peacock (’91), David Richards (’03), and Jeff Kavelak(’87). Only 8 players in Bison history were able to hit .500 for a season, and we were fortunate to have two of them in attendance: Jeff Norris (’76) and Derek Danver (’11). Various families were recognized also: the Peacocks (Larry, Chris, and Randy), the Danvers (Buck, Tom, and Derek), and the Lykens (Brent and Kevin).

Following the photo session many of the alumni entered the homerun derby contest, which was held as a fund raiser for the Jacobson family. Aaron Rowles(’96) was the winner, edging out Adam Lansberry (’03) in an intense “swing off”. Aaron very graciously donated his winnings back to the cause.

The game itself was a hotly contested affair with Team Billotte defeating Team Peacock 5-2 in 7 innings. They played to a 2-2 tie for five innings until Brandon Billotte’s (’98) group rallied for 3 runs in the top of the sixth. The winning pitcher was Justin Hoffman (’11) with Chris Peacock(’91) suffering the loss. MVP for the winners was Dave Richards(’03), who hit a homer and played a stellar centerfield. Tom Danver(’82) and Scott Collins (’86) each had two hits in the game. MVP for the losing team was Kevin Lykens (’95), who had two hits and an rbi. Gold Glove awards were presented to Derek Danver (’11) and Jason Walker (’89). Newcomer Justin Hoffman (’10) was named “Rookie of the Year”)

Umpires for the game were Bill Bacharach (’70) and Will Myers (’17). Merrill Dunlap (’57) served as a coach, while Jeff Kavelak(’87) handled the alumni registration and fund raising. Sid Lansberry (’64) and Ed Yeager (’75) were the announcers, with Lansberry acting as official scorer. Donnie Shimmel (’84) was in charge of programs.

The Alumni Game committee wishes to thank all those who participated and donated this year. Next year’s event will take place on Sept 16th, 2017

2016 Bison Baseball Alumni Club Members

  • Randy Ardary (’81)
  • Thomas Ball (’54)
  • Brian Barr (’91)
  • Brandon Billotte (’98)
  • Scott Colins (’86)
  • Logan Cramer III (’81)
  • Derek Danver (’11)
  • Buck Danver (’71)
  • Tom Danver (’82)
  • Shane Davis (’06)
  • Merrill Dunlap (’57)
  • Scott Dunlap (’81)
  • Aaron Elensky (’93)
  • Dave Falvo (’82)
  • Todd Hainsey (’92)
  • Frank Hipps (’90)
  • Jeff Kavelak (’87)
  • Andy Keirn (’82)
  • Tom Kirsch (’70)
  • Justin Hoffman (’10)
  • Adam Lansberry (’93)
  • Dean Lansberry (’79)
  • Dusty Lansberry (’71)
  • Sid Lansberry (’64)
  • David Learish (’88)
  • Bretnt Lykens (’91)
  • Kevin Lykens (’95)
  • Jeff Norris (’76)
  • Tom Ogden (’61)
  • Chris Peacock (’91)
  • Larry Peacock (’65)
  • Matt Peacock (’94)
  • Randy Peacock (’03)
  • David Richards (’03)
  • Jesse Richards (’00)
  • Aaron Rowles (’96)
  • Donnie Shimmel (’84)
  • Dean Spingola (’84)
  • Jason Walker (’89)
  • Hank Wilson (’82)
  • Ed Yeager (’75)

Special Thanks to the Following Sponsors:

  • Aaron Rowles
  • Boob’s Garage
  • Pete Hess Construction
  • Bender Automotive
  • Dairy Queen of Clearfield
  • Tom Ogden
  • Dusty and Vicki Lansberry

You can also check out photos from the game.