Clearfield Little League

Clearfield Youth Baseball Association Meeting Minutes 03-10-2013

  • Date: March 10, 2013
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Place: Andy Sorbera Residence
Board of DirectorsPresentAbsent
PresidentJoe RumskyX 
Vice PresidentSid LansberryX 
SecretaryChris PeacockX 
TreasurerDave CampolongX 
Player AgentAndy SorberaX 
Babe Ruth RepKenny Duckett X
8–9 Year Old RepAaron ElenskyX 
10–12 Year Old RepAaron WilliamsX 
13–16 Year Old RepEd YeagerX 
  • Sorbera opened the board meeting with a discussion on the registration numbers to date.

  • Majors: 55 registered as of today. With the confirmation of additional players who will be registering, the projected number will be 60 players.

  • Minors: 46 registered as of today. If needed, some 7 year olds may be needed to fill out the potential two additional spots so that each team can have 12 players.

  • Babe Ruth: Projected number at this time is approximately 65 players.

  • Rumsky stated that Dave Glass and Mike Norris would like to take charge of the umpiring aspects of the League. If they were to do so, they would like to have a number of 2013 rule books to give out to umpires who will be doing the majority of the games. They would also like to provide some training to umpires if possible. All board members are in favor of Dave and Mike being in charge of umpires. They will be in charge of providing umpires and setting up the umpiring schedule.

  • A discussion was held regarding the Kurtz Bros. manager position. To this date, no board member has received official word from Chuck Robinson that he would not be coming back to the team. Pete Hess currently has a letter submitted to the board requesting to be the Manager for Kurtz Bros.

  • Peacock made a motion to accept Pete Hess as the interim manager until the board can confirm that Chuck Robinson will not be back, so that Kurtz Bros. has someone to handle the aspects of tryouts and the draft. Yeager seconded the motion. Motion was passed by the Board.

  • There was a discussion regarding the Dotts Motors Minor League team. Currently Randy Peacock has a letter submitted to the Board requesting to be the manager of Dotts Motors, with tentative approval given at the February 24, 2012 Association Meeting. Dave Knee has a letter submitted to the board to be a coach or manager for a Minor League team. The idea naming Dave Knee a coach for Dotts Motors was discussed since there are no returning coaches from the previous year. This was given tentative approval by the board pending further discussion at tryouts and the draft. Managers in the Minor League will need to discuss what round in the Draft Dave Knee’s son would potentially be drafted in to set the freeze; if this were approved.

Rumsky – Discussed the District 5 proposals for the District All-Star tournament bracket. District 5 has requested that each league discuss the proposals and provide feedback as well as a formal position. The following formats were discussed.
– 16 team bracket with N. Tier and S. Tier separate as in years past, however the losers’ bracket would consist of cross-over games between the two tiers. Losses carry through.
– 16 team straight bracket
– 16 team straight bracket with four (4) designated “Host” sites.
– Remain as is.
+ The board discussed the pros and cons for each proposal with the consensus being that if the District tournament could not remain as it has been in years past, The CYBA would be in favor of the separate N. Tier/S. Tier bracket with the cross-over losers bracket. Sorbera made a motion that this be the CYBA formal position. Peacock seconded the motion. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
+ Rumsky will provide the CYBA’s feedback to the District 5 Administrators.

  • Peacock – Asked what the CYBA was considering as a fee for the Memorial Day Tournament that we are going to host. It was discussed that there be no monetary fee, but that teams would be required to bring one dozen baseballs. Yeager stated that the Frenchville tournament will definitely be held and could potentially start as early as April 10th provided enough teams enter. He said that he spoke to Todd Fedder and there will be a $50.00 team fee. The CYBA will be paying for the 5 Majors teams to participate.

  • After further discussion, it was determined that the Memorial Day tournament fee would be $50.00. The CYBA will use this money to purchase all of the baseballs for the tournament so that the balls being used are consistent throughout. Team trophies will be presented, not individual trophys.

  • Peacock – Shari Collins called to discuss the Collins Masonry team being changed to Rainbow Carwash. I explained that the CYBA is going to be providing shirts to the teams every year now in lieu of collecting and handing out the old style jerseys, so changing to Rainbow carwash would not be a problem. She asked if the old jerseys could be given to the kids since they won the championship last year. She also asked that if there was ever a LL team needing a sponsor, that their sponsorship be transferred to the Little League. The board agreed that the jerseys could be given to the kids on Collins Masonry last year.

  • Yeager – Stated that Babe Ruth needed to consider what dates they wanted to host a tournament. This will be reviewed at a later date.

  • Rumsky – Provided an update on the Women’s Auxiliary meeting he attended. Aside from normal discussions, there was a request from the Auxiliary to move the team pictures/opening day ceremonies to Friday evening (May 3rd) so there is less conflict other sports on opening day. The board determined to leave opening ceremonies as previously set, on Saturday May 4th.

  • Peacock – Opened a discussion regarding Brian Barr’s request to start or end the regular season sooner to allow for more all-star team practices. This year’s District All-Star tournament is scheduled to begin on June 24th. This year, leagues are allowed to announce their respective teams and begin practice two weeks prior to the first District game. Teams can be announced and practices can begin as early as June 10th.

  • It was agreed upon by the board that the last regular season play date will be June 15th. This will allow for 10 days of all-star practice with no regular season game conflicts.

  • Campolong provided an update on the scoreboard for McNamee Field. The ethanol plant and CNB have both donated a substantial part of the cost. The CYBA will have to cover the remaining cost, which will be minimal. The scoreboard will have donor signs on the bottom for the two donors and will have McNamee Field on the top. The location of the scoreboard, as discussed, will be near the light pole in right center field. Sorbera made a motion to accept the scoreboard proposal as described, Lansberry seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

  • Subsequent to the meeting, the Windscreen, padding, and scoreboard were all ordered the week of March 11th. Delivery for all items is expected to be 4 weeks.

  • Peacock – stated that the sign sponsor and team sponsor letters have all been sent out. As a follow up to the suggestion from the last CYBA meeting regarding the possible purchase of an ice machine for the concession, costs were provided. Subsequent to this meeting, Larry Peacock stated that he will donate an ice machine that he has, to the CYBA. Since this machine has not been used for some time, the CYBA should have someone service it to ensure that it will work properly.

  • Peacock – discussed the remaining information related to the District 5 meeting held on March 3rd.

  • It was determined by the Board that the lights, if needed to finish games, can be used on either field. The lights on McNamee Field are operated by the switch at the outdoor panel. A key for the panel will be kept in a specific location in the concession stand.

Follow Up To Tryouts Held March 12–14

  • As of March 14th, all new players ages 8–12 have tried out. The Little League draft will proceed on Sunday March 17th, 2013 with the Majors Division drafting at 6:00pm and the Minor Division to follow at 7:00 pm.
  • Due to several teams in each division only having a manager and no returning coaches, two coaching requests were discussed. One involving Dotts Motors and one involving Kurtz Bros. Both prospective coaches each have a son coming into the respective Division. As done in the past, and as determined by the Board, if the coaching positions were to be formally requested and approved, since the coaches did not coach for the respective team in the previous year, each player would be evaluated by the other coaches and a determination would be made as to which round that player would likely be selected in. If the manager chooses to add the coach, then the child must be selected in the round determined. If this evaluation could not be agreed upon by the remaining coaches, then the board would have the final decision. Sorbera made a motion to accept the process as described above regarding naming coaches in a current league year. Williams seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Board Action Items February 6, 2013

ItemDescriptionAction ByStatus
1Contact Jeff Ogden to turn over Association information.BoardJeff turned over materials on 2/6/13
2Organize Sign Sponsor Letters & Team Sponsor Letters.PeacockIn progress
3Vote on providing teams with an L-Screen.BoardFinalize at 2/24/13 meeting
4Vote on purchase of windscreen for McNamee FieldBoardApproved on 2/6/13
5Determine the need for additional picnic tables and alternate dumpster location.BoardComplete
6Set tryout dates.BoardDates set (3/12–3/14)
7Determine if it’s appropriate to set a maximum # of players/team (12,13,14?) with undrafted players being placed in a “Player Pool”BoardAction taken by board 2/6/13
8Vote on holding tryouts immediately following the regular season. Format to be determined.BoardTabled
9Vote on allowing a parental waiver to the Leagues batting helmet face mask policy.BoardAction taken – waiver denied
10Check with Jim’s Sports Center regarding windscreen and backstop mats prior to ordering them elsewhere.CampolongOrdered week of 3/11/13
11Provide Campolong with scoreboard estimates prior to his meeting with the Ethanol Plant.PeacockComplete
12Follow up with progress in scheduling a CPR class.YeagerIn progress
13Follow up with Bob Lewis regarding Little League Softball in Clearfield.BoardComplete
14Coordinate/schedule Quehanna Boot Camp workRumskyIn progress
15Have grass sprayed along fencing. Need completed by no later than March 30th.BoardIn progress
16Determine scoreboard location on McNamee FieldBoardcomplete
17Review possibility of starting/ending the season earlier.BoardDates confirmed
18Discuss the suggestion of purchasing an ice machine.BoardIce machine to be donated.