Clearfield Little League

Clearfield Youth Baseball Association Meeting Minutes 02-24-2013

  • Date: February 24, 2013
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Place: American Legion
Board of DirectorsPresentAbsent
PresidentJoe RumskyX 
Vice PresidentSid Lansberry X
SecretaryChris PeacockX 
TreasurerDave CampolongX 
Player AgentAndy SorberaX 
Babe Ruth RepKenny DuckettX 
8–9 Year Old RepVacant  
10–12 Year Old RepVacant  
13–16 Year Old RepEd YeagerX 

A brief Board meeting was held prior to the general Association meeting scheduled for 7:00. Previous Board meeting minutes were approved and Action Items were reviewed from the previous Board meeting on February 6th, with updates being provided by Dave Campolong regarding windscreen, backstop padding, and scoreboard coordination. Jim’s Sport’s Center is currently looking into the windscreen and padding. Coordination is ongoing regarding the scoreboard funding from the Ethanol Plant. The scoreboard that the Association is going with is the one from Fair-Play, with DeMans in Brookville being the supplier.

  • It was determined that 5 Easton brand L-Screen would be purchased for the Majors Division teams at a cost of approximately $179.00 each. Peacock will provided information to Campolong to order the screens.

  • Tournament dates were discussed and set as follows:

  • Clearfield LL Memorial Day Weekend Tournament – Start date to be determined based on # of teams. This will be a 12u tournament for league teams only.

  • Clearfield 9–10 Tournament – Weekend of July 12th – 14th.

  • Clearfield 7–8 Tournament – Weekend of July 19th – 21st.

  • Babe Ruth tryouts will be held on April 6th at 4:00 and April 7th (time TBD), at the batting cages. Draft to be held immediately following tryouts on April 7th.

General Association Meeting

  • Joe Rumsky opened the meeting and briefly mentioned that minutes for the previous meeting were prepared.

  • Peacock stated that the minutes from the January 20th meeting were posted on the website along with CYBA signup and tryout information. Meeting minutes from the February 6th Board meeting will also be posted in the upcoming week along with tournament dates.

  • Campolong – discussed the status of the windscreen and backstop padding. He stated that the CYBA will be purchasing collapsible L-screens for each Majors Division team and that following the close of the season; the screens will be labeled for each team and stored at the Kurtz Field storage shed.

  • Rumsky – Provided an update on the lighting on McNamee Field. The lights are all working and will be available for games as necessary as well as tournaments. Also, information was provided regarding the purchase of a scoreboard for McNamee Field. The CYBA is in the process of securing a possible donor for an approximate 9’x7’ scoreboard with pitch count. The location of the scoreboard in relation to the field has yet to be determined. "

  • Rumsky – Informed everyone in attendance that Bob Lewis, Clearfield H.S. Softball Coach, is in the process of starting Clearfield Little League Softball. They have been in contact with the District 5 Administrator and are now completing their own League Charter.

  • Rumsky – Stated that we need to come up with a list of projects for the Quehanna Boot Camp. Pete Hess mentioned that he was informed that the QBC community service program may be on hold at this time due to vans needing repair. Subsequent to the meeting Rumsky followed up with the QBC and they are in the process of getting other means of transportation. An application will be filled out and submitted to the QBC with a list of projects for the LL facilities and Babe Ruth (Rec. Park) facility.

  • Yeager – Provided tournament and little league opening day information.

  • Frenchville LL Tournament will likely take place the weekend of April 13th. If this tournament takes place, all Clearfield Majors Division team will be required to go.

  • Clearfield LL Memorial Day Tournament will be held with the start date to be determined based on the # of teams. This is a league team tournament with pitchers being limited to 20 pitches or two innings; whichever comes first.

  • All-Stars – The District 5 tournaments for the 9–10 Division and Majors Division will begin on June 24th.

  • Clearfield 9–10 Tournament will be held the weekend of July 12th – 14th.

  • Clearfield 7–8 Tournament will be held the weekend of July 19th – 21st.

  • Little League will be opening on April 27th with games continuing the following week. The official opening day ceremonies and games will be held on May 4th. Brian Barr asked if the league could end any sooner to allow for more practice time for all-stars. With league games ending the week before all-star games begin, it is tough to get the entire team together to practice. The Board stated that it could look at options that might allow the season to finish sooner such as adding a couple more games a week, which might interfere with the Minors Division and make-up days, or starting the schedule a week sooner. However, it was stated that all-star teams cannot practice prior to June 15th as it is, so the benefit may only be a day or two.

  • Greg Ryan – requested that the sponsor signs be hung lower on the outfield fences so that people can sit in chairs and still see over them. Several others in attendance commented that it was a common complaint from spectators during the season and tournaments.

  • The subject of work parties came up. A work party was scheduled for March 23rd with March 30th serving as an alternate date if the weather is bad on the 23rd. A second work party was scheduled for April 20th. Rumsky mentioned earlier in the meeting about spraying along the bottom of the chain link fences for grass/weed control. The Board will look into having AGWAY, or possibly Lanager’s spray along the fencing. Lanager’s currently sprays up at the Rec Park baseball field as per Kenny Duckett.

  • Rumsky – stated that the sign sponsor letters are being sent out. If anyone knows of a business who would like to be a sign sponsor, please let Chris Peacock or Dave Campolong know.

  • Sorbera – discussed the registration #’s thus far from the sign-ups that were held on Feb. 22nd – 23rd. Projected numbers are up slightly from last year however there are still a lot of previous players who have yet to sign up. Sorbera provided a list of names of players from last year’s teams who haven’t signed up yet so that they could be contacted. Those in attendance were informed that the Majors Division will now have a 13 player/team limit. All 11–12 year old players must be picked. Any 10 year old players not picked for a Majors Division team will be entered into the Minors Division draft.

  • Yeager discussed try-out dates for new players:

  • Ages 10–12: March 12th @ 7:00 at the batting cages.

  • Ages 8–9: March 13th @ 7:00 at the batting cages.

  • Make-up date: March 14th @ 7:00 at the batting cages, for any age.

  • Babe Ruth: April 6th @ 4:00 at the batting cages. April 7th, time to be determined.

  • Draft – The Little League draft will be held on March 17th at the Legion at 6:00 for the Majors Division and & 7:00 for the Minors Division. The Babe Ruth draft will be held following the April 7th try-out.

  • Learish – Safety Report: ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) is complete and will be sent in to Williamsport once the correct dates are entered. Facilities survey is complete.

  • Fundamental training is needed for the coaches. Peacock suggested that all coaches access the Little League – Williamsport website and review the CRC (Coaches Resource Center). The resource center has numerous videos showing the fundamentals of pitching, hitting , fielding, rules interpretation, etc… This could possible take the place of an actual training event.

  • Learish – The team equipment check will be held on March 23rd during the work party. If the work party is rescheduled due to weather, the equipment check will still take place on the 23rd. First Aid kits will also be checked and re-stocked at this time. The league will need to provide additional/better ice packs this year. It was suggested that the Association look into purchasing an ice machine.

  • CPR will be held sometime in March. So far, only about 4 people have shown interest. This may increase as new volunteers are approved for coaching.

  • Yeager – Babe Ruth start date will be May 11th (tentative). There will be a men’s Federation Baseball team utilizing the fields at the H.S., so Babe Ruth teams who utilized these fields for practice may need to find another location.

  • Bob Gearhart – Mentioned that due to the construction project at the high school, there will be no parking in the lot adjacent to the tennis courts. Parking will be permitted along the drive however it is very limited. He asked that those using the facilities watch for people spinning or damaging areas in the grass so that the facilities are not taken away for the summer.

  • Duckett suggested that we talk to Chris McCraken in Curwensville about using the facilities there or possibly the Curwensville H.S. field.

  • Rumsky asked if anyone had anything for him to bring up at the District 5 LL meeting on Sunday March 3rd. He will be providing the Clearfield tournament dates so that they can be posted on the District 5 website.

  • Yeager – Asked Brian Barr if Mick Kolar is still interested in mowing the LL fields. Mick will be contacted in the near future.

  • Rumsky – Stated that the Board had received letters from individuals interested in Managing/coaching teams. Letter received thus far: Pete Hess – Kurtz Bros., Greg Ryan – VFW, Randy Peacock – Dotts Motors, and Dave Knee who is interested in coaching with any team. The letters will be reviewed by the board.

  • At this point in the meeting, those in attendance were asked to divide into their respective leagues (Minors, Majors, & Babe Ruth) to discuss any issues and nominate player representatives for the Minors and Majors Division.

  • Minors Division Nomination for Player Rep. – Aaron Elensky

  • Majors Division Nomination for Player Rep. – Aaron Williams
    • Both nominations were approved by the Board

The preceding is an account of the February 24, 2013 Clearfield Youth Baseball Association general meeting. The next meeting will be scheduled via email.

Board Action Items February 6, 2013

ItemDescriptionAction ByStatus
1Contact Jeff Ogden to turn over Association information.BoardJeff turned over materials on 2/6/13
2Organize Sign Sponsor Letters & Team Sponsor Letters.PeacockIn progress
3Vote on providing teams with an L-Screen.BoardFinalize at 2/24/13 meeting
4Vote on purchase of windscreen for McNamee FieldBoardApproved on 2/6/13
5Determine the need for additional picnic tables and alternate dumpster location.BoardComplete
6Set tryout dates.BoardDates set (3/12–3/14)
7Determine if it’s appropriate to set a maximum # of players/team (12,13,14?) with undrafted players being placed in a “Player Pool”.BoardAction taken by board 2/6/13
8Vote on holding tryouts immediately following the regular season. Format to be determined.BoardTabled
9Vote on allowing a parental waiver to the Leagues batting helmet face mask policy.BoardAction taken – waiver denied
10Check with Jim’s Sports Center regarding windscreen and backstop mats prior to ordering them elsewhere.CampolongIn progress
11Provide Campolong with scoreboard estimates prior to his meeting with the Ethanol Plant.PeacockComplete
12Follow up with progress in scheduling a CPR class.YeagerIn progress
13Follow up with Bob Lewis regarding Little League Softball in Clearfield.BoardComplete
14Coordinate/schedule Quehanna Boot Camp workRumskyIn progress
15Have grass sprayed along fencing. Need completed by no later than March 30th.BoardIn progress
16Determine scoreboard location on McNamee FieldBoard 
17Review possibility of starting/ending the season earlier.Board 
18Discuss the suggestion of purchasing an ice machine.Board