Clearfield Youth Baseball Association Meeting minutes for 02-06-2013

  • Date: February 6, 2013
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Place: Andy Sorbera Residence
Board of DirectorsPresentAbsent
PresidentJoe RumskyX 
Vice PresidentSid LansberryX 
SecretaryChris PeacockX 
TreasurerDave CampolongX 
Player AgentAndy SorberaX 
Babe RuthRep Kenny Duckett X
8–9 Year Old RepVacant  
10–12 Year Old RepVacant  
13–16 Year Old RepEd YeagerX 

Outgoing President J.R. Roselli was in attendance to provide information to new President Joe Rumsky. Jeff Ogden dropped off administrative information for Chris Peacock prior to the start of the meeting.

  • Ed Yeager opened the meeting with a review of the “Draft” amended By Laws. After a discussion on the minor changes
    • Sorbera asked for clarification on the President being the one of the Associations representatives to the Clearfield Little League Auxiliary. Ed responded that the President is the Associations rep/liaison to the Woman’s Auxiliary.
  • Yeager – stated that the Association needs to open up the Age Group Representative positions for the 8–9 league and the 10–12 league at the February 24, 2013 Association/League meeting.

  • Campolong – Made a motion to accept the Clearfield Youth Baseball Association By Laws as final. Sorbera seconded the motion. Motion passed 5–0.

  • J.R. Roselli – passed along information pertaining to the contact for the Quehanna Boot Camp for the community service that they provide. The QBC needs to be contacted well in advance so that we can be added to their schedule. Opportunities for community service at our facilities include French drain work, hanging sponsor signs, moving picnic tables, hanging windscreen, hanging batting cages, etc… J.R. also mentioned that he had been contacted by voice mail by a representative from Bounce Energy; an electric company that does business in Texas and Pennsylvania. They are interested in possibly donating to the League. He has tried to follow up, but has not been able to talk to anyone directly.

  • Campolong – stated that he was in contact with a representative of the ethanol plant, and they too would be interested in making a contribution to the league. He mentioned that this could be a potential funding source for the scoreboard on McNamee Field. Peacock will gather a range of cost estimates for Dave to have when he meets with the ethanol plant’s representative. The Association is looking for contributions to purchase a scoreboard with pitch count incorporated as well as a remote console.

  • Peacock – asked about the possibility of spraying the grass along all of the fences at the fields.
    • Campolong stated that we should look into having AGWAY spray along the base of the fences with grass/weed control. It was mentioned that this would need to be completed at least 30 days prior to the first game so that the chemical would be absorbed prior to the kids being on the fields.
  • It was discussed that Todd Fedder’s pre-season tournament in Frenchville will likely be scheduled for April 13th. The Board has decided that if the tournament is held, it will be a requirement for all Clearfield 10–12 teams to enter.

  • Yeager – discussed the possible purchase of L-screens for all 5 Majors Division teams. The Board agreed that L-screens would be purchased. Peacock provided a cost estimate for Easton collapsible L-screens. The Easton brand is approximately $179.00. Lansberry is concerned that the Easton brand is not as durable as other models and rusts easily. The Board will purchase L-screens, however the final decision on the brand of L-screen was tabled to the February 24, 2013 CYBA general meeting.

  • Peacock – asked that the baseball registration flyer be reviewed and approved. With the flyer approved, it will be distributed within the community. 27 envelopes containing 30 flyers and registration forms each will be delivered to Clearfield Elementary School for distribution in each classroom. Subsequent to the meeting, the flyer was emailed to Principal Brickley at the Clearfield Middle School where it will be hung in the office window and at the cafeteria. Morning announcements will also be made daily leading up to the registration dates. Information will be provided to Center Elementary School once a contact has been made. Rumsky will provide information to St. Francis.

  • Tryout dates for new players were discussed and set as follows:
    • Ages 10–12: March 12th @ 7:00 at the batting cages.
    • Ages 8–9: March 13th @ 7:00 at the batting cages.
    • Make-up date: March 14th @ 7:00 at the batting cages, for any age.
  • Draft – The new player draft will be held on March 17th at the Legion with the 10–12 league draft at 6:00 pm and the 8–9 league draft at 7:00 pm.

  • Action Item 4 – Windscreen. Peacock presented cost estimates ranging from $0.50 – $0.59 a sq/ft. for 8’ high and 9’ high sections of windscreen for the backstop on McNamee Field. The section directly behind home plate is 25’ wide. It was discussed just how far down each baseline toward the dugouts the windscreen should extend, with proposals ranging from 10’ to all the way to the dugouts as it has been in recent years. Arguments were made for why there should be an opening for spectators as well as why the windscreen should extend to the dugouts.
    • A motion was made by Sorbera to purchase windscreen that would extend from dugout to dugout. The motion was seconded by Campolong. After a vote, the motion failed with 2 votes for and 3 votes against.
    • Yeager made a motion to purchase windscreen which would cover the immediate 25’ wide backstop behind home plate and extend for two sections of fence towards each dugout (approx. 20’ down each baseline). The motion was seconded by Peacock. After a vote, the motion passed with 3 votes for and 2 votes against; with the caveat that if there are any problems with spectators harassing the players, coaches, or umpires beyond a point which should be tolerated; additional windscreen will be purchased to extend to the dugouts.
  • Yeager – discussed the purchase of backstop padding/mats for both McNamee Field and Kurtz Field to replace the hard rubber which has been used in the past on the inside of the backstops. Peacock provided a spec sheet and cost estimates for the padding. A 4’h x 12’L pad for McNamee would cost approximately $315.00 and a 3’h x 12’L pad for Kurtz would cost approximately $245.00
    • Sorbera made a motion to purchase the backstop padding for each field. Yeager seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Peacock – Regarding Action Item 5, there are currently 6 picnic tables under the pavilion and one in the OF at Kurtz Field. It was recommended that the Board purchase/seek through donation, two additional picnic tables, placing three tables in the OF on McNamee and one more in the OF at Kurtz. This would leave 4 tables under the pavilion. Rumsky during the discussion contacted K.C. Lezzer regarding the need for two picnic tables. K.C. stated that Lezzer Lumber would donate two picnic tables to Clearfield Little League.

  • Relocation of the dumpster was discussed. Campolong will be contacting the leagues provider to see about getting the dumpster for the upcoming year. We will try and have it placed past the dirt stockpile on the first base side of Kurtz Field. We will also look into getting a larger size dumpster for this year. Campolong to have dumpster delivered prior to the April 6th chicken BBQ.

  • Action Item 7 – # of Players/team in Majors Division. The suggestion of limiting the number of players per team in the Majors Division was brought up at the regular Association meeting held on January 20th. The Board discussed setting the player/team limit at 13. All new 11–12 year old players must be picked during the draft for a Majors Division team. The 10–12 new player draft will precede until each Majors Division team has 13 players. The remaining 10 year old players will then be entered into the Minors Division draft. There will be no set player/team limit in the Minors Division. All Majors Division teams must maintain 13 players on their roster for the duration of the season. If a team were to lose a player for the season due injury, illness, quitting, relocating, etc…; a 10 year old will be assigned to the team from the Minors division. If there are no available 10 year olds in the Minors Division, the team needing a player will continue through the season with less than 13 players. At no time shall a 9 year old be assigned to a team in the Majors Division.
    • Sorbera made a motion to accept the Majors Division player/team limit as described above. Campolong seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously and will be implemented for 2013.
  • Action Item 8 – The Board discussed having tryouts for the following years 10 year olds sometime after the regular season. It was determined that a tryout would still be necessary in March for the new 8/9 year olds in the Minors Division and any new 10–12 year olds in the Majors Division. Therefore a draft would not be held until the spring of the year as is currently done. The topic of holding a tryout after the regular season/fall of the year was tabled by the board at this time.

  • Action Item 9 – Batting helmet face mask waiver. The Board discussed the option to allow a parent/guardian to sign a waiver permitting their child to wear a batting helmet without a protective facemask. Reasons for and against allowing such a waiver, beyond those described below, were discussed. It was mentioned that such a waiver would not stand legally if a parent/guardian who signed it decided to take legal action against the league if their child were to get hit in the face by a ball or bat. Also, with the league looking to make safety upgrades in all areas, implementing safety plans, buying L-screes, backstop padding, etc…; allowing kids not to wear protective masks would not be in the interest of the League.
    • Sorbera made a motion to deny the face mask waiver request. Yeager seconded the motion. The motion to deny the waiver passed with a vote of 4 for and 0 against, with 1 abstained vote.
  • Yeager – This year’s CPR certification will not be held at the Clearfield Hospital. At this time, Dave Learish is coordinating a possible CPR class at Drayer Physical Therapy.

  • Regarding potential new Babe Ruth bat regulations, Rumsky was asked to verify during his Babe Ruth meeting in Williamsport, if Babe Ruth bat restrictions are now BBCOR –3.

  • Subsequent to the Board meeting, Joe Rumsky was contacted by Bob Lewis, Clearfield High School girls’ softball coach. Bob is interested in starting Little League softball in Clearfield. He anticipates a 4 team league. Bob wants to know what he would need to do to get this started. The Board will meet with Bob on Wednesday February 13th at 6:30 pm at the Clearfield Elementary School.

The preceding is an account of the February 6, 2013 Clearfield Youth Baseball Association Board meeting.

ACTION ITEMS February 6, 2013

ItemDescriptionAction ByStatus
1Contact Jeff Ogden to turn over Association information.BoardJeff turned over materials on 2/6/13
2Organize Sign Sponsor Letters & Team Sponsor Letters.PeacockIn progress
3Vote on providing teams with an L-Screen.BoardFinalize at 2/24/13 meeting
4Vote on purchase of windscreen for McNamee FieldiBoardApproved on 2/6/13
5Determine the need for additional picnic tables and alternate dumpster location.BoardComplete
6Set tryout dates.BoardDates set (3/12–3/14)
7Determine if it’s appropriate to set a maximum # of players/team (12,13,14?) with undrafted players being placed in a “Player Pool”.BoardAction taken by board 2/6/13
8Vote on holding tryouts immediately following the regular season. Format to be determined.BoardTabled
9Vote on allowing a parental waiver to the Leagues batting helmet face mask policy.BoardAction taken – waiver denied
10Check with Jim’s Sports Center regarding windscreen and backstop mats prior to ordering them elsewhere.Campolong 
11Provide Campolong with scoreboard estimates prior to his meeting with the Ethanol Plant.Peacock 
12Follow up with progress in scheduling a CPR class.Yeager 
13Follow up with Bob Lewis regarding Little League Softball in Clearfield.Board 
14Coordinate/schedule Quehanna Boot Camp workRumsky 
15Have grass sprayed along fencing. Need completed by no later than March 30th.Board